Have you ever considered the cost of a break-in? Not just in the initial loss of property or stock, but in the impact on people, the disruption and delay it can cause to businesses and the loss in business hours trying to resolve things after the break in.

Offering unrivalled products and services, Abacus can provide you with a single solution or an integrated system to take care of all your security needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of hard wired and wireless alarm systems which will give you an almost unlimited array of solutions should you have more complex requirements.

From door and window contact alarms, glass break detectors to movement detectors and panic buttons, all of our products have been tried and tested to ensure they are the reliable and trustworthy system that you need.

All systems supplied and fitted by Abacus will meet the current industry wide regulations to ensure maximum, long lasting security.

Contact Alarms
Our systems will detect movement from the opening of a door or window, so you can monitor main entry points.
Glass Break Detectors
These will sound an alarm whenever glass is broken as someone enters or exits the premises.
Movement Detectors
Any movement within the building will be detected by these sensitive bits of equipment.
Panic Buttons
These will be invaluable should you have a larger premise, or you need urgent help but are unable to audibly request this.
Instant Access
Access and control your systems all from your own devices and from any location.
Automated Monitoring
Should you require it; the alarm system will trigger an electronic notification to an alarm receiving centre, which could result in action being taken more promptly.


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